Sneak Peek: Our EPIC Life

We make some pretty bold claims about EPIC: The Extreme Personal Improvement Challenge.

Well, the great boxer Muhammad Ali once said:
“It ain’t braggin’ if you can back it up.”
So… how about I back it up for you right now.

Here’s A Little Taste Of How My Wife Alex And I Have Made Our Lives EPIC…

  • I met and married my dream woman (after only eleven months)… We’re still happily married nine years later, with two gorgeous kids.
  • Alex and I have launched four successful companies together… then sold two of them.
EPIC Proof 1 | Success Dynamics Institute
  • We took our kids to live and travel around Vietnam for three months at the end of 2016.
  • Between us we’ve won four all expenses paid trips to Thailand by winning very competitive business competitions.
  • Every three months we take our kids and travel the world so they can learn about other cultures first-hand, and create life-changing experiences and memories together.
EPIC Proof 2 | Success Dynamics Institute
  • We’ve won multiple entrepreneurship awards.
  • I achieved my black belt in freestyle Karate, and I’m working on two more black belts right now.
  • We’re both published authors for our international smash-hit books, “How To Be A Ballet Dancer” by Alex… and “7 Minute Mindset” by Nick.
EPIC Proof 3 | Success Dynamics Institute
  • We’ve met most (almost all) of our heroes… Tim Ferriss (Author, “Four Hour Work Week”), Neil Strauss (Author, “The Game” and “The Truth”), Penn & Teller (World-Famous Magicians), Misty Copeland (Famous Ballerina)… and many more.
EPIC Proof 4 | Success Dynamics Institute
  • I am an in-demand international speaker… and right now I’m working on my first TV show.
  • Alex is a former professional ballerina from France (where she’s still famous in the dance world).
  • I regularly travel to the USA to train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with world-champions, UFC champions, and Navy Seals.
  • We’re also 100% debt-free… we work when we want to (from home)… and we spend as much time as we want with our wonderful kids.
  • …and so much more!
EPIC Proof 5 | Success Dynamics Institute There you have it. A “sneak peek” inside our EPIC lives. If you’d like a hand setting and achieving EPIC Goals in your life, check out the EPIC Goal Setting Webinar. On this awesome, 60 minute live webinar, I’ll walk you step-by-step through the exact process we’ve used to set and achieve all the goals you’ve read about on this page.

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